About Us

About Us

Top Talented Team

Execute your projects better with the most talented engineers in the industry

Gyanhton was created and is operated by two guys with over 25 years of combined technology and software experience.

Despite the depth and breadth of their experience in new technology they added to their knowhow by surrounding themselves with the most talented engineers in the industry, assembling a team with the best knowledge and skills to execute the variety of projects provided by our clients


The best methodology for a team to develop software is the one where everyone involved in the project is comfortable. Based on this philosophy we are guided by our client’s project in determining the best methodology and mix the best of Agile and Waterfall, applying them in the context of the project.

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Passionate about building great software

Gyanhton creates and operates effective distributed technology team focused on tailor-made Software Development, IT support, API development, UK VPS and Data Processing.


Before coding, our team consults with you to better understand your project and what you need to be more effective in your business and to help your IT grow with an application that meets exactly your needs. and, believe us, we can do a lot to help you and your business. from the basics, such as reviewing and planning your software architecture.
Whenever we start a project, the first step is always to conduct an analysis of your needs. our ultimate goal in this process is to better understand you: your company, your products and your users.

Trilingual Team

Communication between our team and our customers is vital. It is why we are able to deliver all kinds of projects all over the world because at our trilingual team that speak English, French and Spanish.

Team Enhancement

We are not so cocky as to believe we know it all. Each project has its own requirements. Knowing their needs as they do, the client is always a key member of the team and, from time to time, a project may have particular specialist requirements. At this time, we are happy to widen the team bringing on board other computer engineering superheroes, whose skills we know because we’ve worked with them before.

That we call “Team Enhancement”.