"It's way too tiring!!"

In an era where digital technology has become an integral part of cultures around the world, software engineering professions are enjoying a strong demand for applications of all kinds. The methodology of the custom software development company is therefore essential for the accomplishment of your project.

Recognize that many companies are fronted and driven by sales people who pick up work and pass it back to the guys in the engine room – the software engineers. In such circumstances the signature can be more important than the details of what the customer actually needs.

Then, and particularly under time (or sales) pressure, you may find that a lot of developers are forced to work to tight deadlines/kpis so that they just want to type code without taking the time to think about it or to test new tech without taking a step back, and think about how it might operate in the hands of the end user who is not likely to be very tech savy: essential steps such as considering Demand Analysis, Workbook, Design the data model, the CU, the Workflows, the general principle of the interfaces and the architecture … “It’s way too tiring!!”

The basic mindset

And so we find ourselves in absurd situations, where projects are botched, undocumented (“we use Agile because their users wrongly think that it frees them from docs”), redoing apps from scratch every 5 years, filled with copy and paste and so on. « The basic mindset is to deliver, we can patch afterwards if the client comes back to us (and, maybe, even charge for the service!) ».

To summarize the problem picture this : Today’s computer … it is a salesman who sells a house to a company or a private individual, without a plan, without land, who asks a mason and an architect to give an estimate for their last construction (even if it was a shopping center), and to start the construction without further delay.

So which method use for software development?

Then, using the Agile method, at each sprint review, the client is asked if he wants an extra room or to fix things. And at the end of the project, we realize that the pieces don’t fit into each other, some are cloned, that the land is in fact a set of non contiguous plots, that half of the roof is missing and the other part is directly on the slab and that we have had to break everything to put in water and electricity… All this despite the fact that the customer is quite satisfied with the project.

Seriously, do professional architects and builders work this way? Existing methodologies on the market cannot be applied to the letter (at least for Gyanhton), that’s why we have set up our own methodology, allowing our team, selected for their multiple skills and real willingness to share their knowledge. these are not people who tinker with systems in order to finish the project at all costs. The result is a team with fully functional combined brainpower, skills and experience that will work on the project in an organized, creative and efficient way.

Our method works for our team and for our clients.

We’ve been mixing the strengths of Agile and Waterfall methods for years, and it works very well! We don’t want to be pigeonholed into this or that category of developer, but rather into the category of those who have chosen THE method that works best: the Gyanhton method.