By subscribing to GOODBET Horse Racing you will get every morning all the UK/IRE races with all the data automatically filled into GoodBet HR, a ton of features, plus Full Historical Data (since May 2018 until today).

You have now the luxury of time and ready facts organised for you to make betting choices: decisions made without pressure and with full information!

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Horse Racing

Technical Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2016 DC
Processor: 1 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent
Memory: 1GB minimum
Disk Space Requirements: 50MB



Technical Support



One-off payment

Changelog/Current Version

Ver. 1.4.1 (released 19/08/21)
– Modification of the module used to update the results and the races of the day.
1.4.0 (release 01/05/21)
Issue fixed when Betfair Historical data displayed was not always the correct one (different horse)
** 1.3.9 **
New Feature:
– The runners whose odds dropped below 2.0 in-play are now displayed in red (data updated when you download the races of the day).

** 1.3.8 **
Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where the non-runners list was not imported correctly into the software.

** 1.3.7 **
Bug Fixes:
– Some minor internal bugs have been fixed.

** 1.3.5 **
New Feature:
– New "Advanced" subscription at £14.95/month with same features than "Premium" subscription EXCEPT "Full Database" and "Profitable systems developed by our analysts".

** 1.3.3 **
Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where the function "Check if the database is up to date" did not update Betfair data in specific cases (Premium subscription only).

** 1.3.2 **
Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where the function "Auto-Import" only worked with races of the day (it was not possible to use it with past races, for testing purpose for example).

** 1.3.1 **
New Features:
– New option "Check if the database is up to date" (Premium subscription only).
Run this module to update the database if:
> You have just subscribed to GoodBet Premium (we update the installation file every month),
> You have not downloaded the races or results for one or more days.
– Possibility to copy the exported CSV file on the Desktop (Bet slip).
– The non-runner pop-up now displays "time", "track name" and "horse name" in case of a single non-runner.

– PDF manual of the system "Top Speed System" has been updated to explain the necessary fields when you want to export the selections for TheBetEngine.

Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where the application crashed after you clicked on "Saved Race" (issue appeared with the new database).

** 1.3.0 **
>> Due to a significant improvement in our database, all the points awarded to each horse in previous races will no longer be available once this update is installed. Premium subscribers will have access to the entire database (since May 2018).

New Features:
– New advanced menu
– The general speed of the software has been improved (downloading the races, the results, etc).
– New Highly Profitable Betting System – Based on 1 year historical data – (Premium subscription only).
– Live Non-Runners List updates every 2 minutes (Premium subscription only).
– Automatic pre-selections based on our exclusive betting systems (Premium subscription only).
– Betfair Starting Price for the Place market is now available (Premium subscription only).

** 1.2.7 **
Bug Fix:
– In some cases, the going of the races was not entirely displayed when it was more than 15 characters lentgh.

** 1.2.6 **
Bug Fix:
– The runners were not displayed if their FC Odds were not available.

** 1.2.5 **
New Feature:
– New "Auto-Import Today's Selections into Betslip" function to quickly add the GoodBet selections into the betslip (see User Manual page 24).
Bug Fixes:
– The rating value was not displayed correctly in the Bet Slip
– Red/Yellow/Green color in the columns FC/Gbo were not correctly updated when switching Bookmaker/Exchange (FC/Odds combo box).

** 1.2.4 **
– New link to subscribe to DRS (Daily Races Service) – Software/User Manual.

** 1.2.3 **
Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where the horse name was not displayed when exporting a race to Excel.

** 1.2.2 **
New Feature:
– New Betfair historical data displayed when hovering your mouse over the DOB column (see User Manual pages 21-22).
Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where the horse name was not displayed when printing/exporting a race.

** 1.2.1 **
// Note that the software can take a few minutes to update the database
// During this process, the software will not be accessible as it will run in background.
Bug Fix:
– Fixed bug where the software crashes when loading old races.

** 1.2.0 **
New Features:
– New module called "Point Configuration" to alter the number of points awarded to each question:
* Accessible from the racing tables.
* By default, GoodBet calculations are based on the same number of points for each criterion (1). You can now alter the points awarded to give more importance to some criteria.
– "Ranking" table:
* New column "Miles": Distance traveled from the trainers yard to the track (in kilometers when mouse over the column).
* New column "GBo": Odds based on the points allocated to each runner.
* New information added to the column "Horse" that becomes "Horse (Naps)". The number of naps of a horse is displayed (if different from 0) after its name. The Naps are the best tips from some of the best horse racing tipsters and journalists at leading newspapers in the UK and Ireland.
* The combo box called "Odds" (Fractional/Decimal) has been deleted (no longer used) and replaced by a new combo box "FC/Odds".
> The odds of the column FC are now always displayed in decimal. However you can still access the fractional odds with the mouse over the FC column.
> The aim of the new combo box is to calculate an estimation of the real FC odds (without bookmakers margin, quite like the betting exchanges).
* New keyboard shortcut [F12] to quickly add selection(s) to bet slip.
– "Load Race" window:
* New column data quality ("DQ")

– "Print Race" button:
* Most of the columns of the Ranking table have been added.
– "Ranking" table:
* Column "Level" has been renamed "Rtg" (Rating) and the values contained are displayed differently (numbers from 1 to 5 instead of stars).
– The User PDF manual of GoodBet has been updated.

** 1.1.7 **
– We forgot to mention in the previous version 1.1.6 a second criterion to modify in the "TOP SELECTION" SYSTEM v.2 (see Top Selection PDF manual).
– The User PDF manual of GoodBet has been updated.

** 1.1.6 **
New Features:
– Bet Slip:
* You can now select the columns to export and the separated symbols as well when you click on "Export CSV".
– "TOP SELECTION" SYSTEM v.2 (PDF manual):
* A new way to use the system is developed at the end of the manual.
* A F.A.Q. section has also been added at the end of the manual.

** 1.1.5 **
– Initialization time of the software has been divided by 3.

New Features:
– DOB:
* Specificities of tracks/distances are now taken into account in DOB calculation.
* IRE: DOB results and Betfair SP are now available.
– Ranking Table:
* FC column appears in yellow when the Betfair SP of a horse is equal or less than its FC price (only available the next morning after having downloaded the races of the day).
– Bet Slip:
* New button "Export CSV" to generate a file (CSV format) with your selections. This file can then be used with a software like TheBetEngine to automatically place the bets on Betfair.
– Help Menu:
* New module to optimize the data files (size, index, etc): to apply from time to time (once a week/month for example) to speed up the loading time of the races.
* New module "Winning Strategies" where new profitable strategies will be added as regularly as possible (only for DAILY RACES SERVICE subscribers).

– The PDF manual has been updated.

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