Software Development

We offer full-cycle custom software development, designed specifically for your business and ready to satisfy your exclusive needs.

Software that integrates perfectly with your company can be a significant asset and in the case of custom development, the specific software can become a competitive element fundamental to your company.
Tailor-made applications give you access to a solution that precisely meets your specifications, integrates with your existing processes and simplifies your information system. You will be able to more easily make it evolve or modernize it as your company itself evolves.

Why do I need custom software?

  • Custom software meets all your needs in terms of functionalities
  • Adapts to your business processes
  • Responds to issues specific to your sector and business
  • Integrates into your company and on which your company can rely to improve its performance.
  • When you want to implement an innovative process or functionality, custom development allows you to protect your innovation and activate an advantage that does not exist on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you give me a fixed-price quote?

    Yes, we do. The first step is to let us know your need in as much detail as possible by filling out this form. Usually with all the information to hand (our team may also need to contact you for further details) we are able to give you an exact price. No hidden fees, no sneaky fees, everything is clear and concise. However, depending on the size of your project or simply if you wish, we will provide you with a detailed project specifications that you can fill in according to the information requested. With this clearer information we can provide you with an clear price and agreed specification.

  • Do you build web applications too?

    No, we could, but we prefer to focus on what we do best: software development, mobile applications, data processing, API integration/creation and UK VPS provider. We think that's already a wide enough range!

  • What kind of support will I receive throughout the development process?

    You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be your main point of contact throughout the development process. This project manager will oversee the entire development process of your application and all the teams involved. You will be able to reach him/her by email or Skype.

  • Can I host my software application with you?

    Of course you can! We are also a UK VPS provider, this means that we can install on our servers any software, especially the ones we develop. You can access to our UK VPS from any device (computer, tablet or mobile – Android or iPhone) and from any operating system (Windows, MAC or Linux) but of course, one at a time.