Have you a project in mind? An idea for IT development?

Have you found that the solutions on the market are too standardized, too expensive and do not meet your expectations?

You reckon your specifications are so individual or specific that no standard solution that fully meets them.
Rest assured, you are not the first to find yourself in this disconcerting situation. Rest assured. There is a solution to your problem!

Gyanhton: An IT development company

Armed with multi-skilled team (development software, mobile, API and data processing), Gyanhton will answer all your requests, from the most basic to the most original.

The size of your project does not matter. From small macros to much more complex software projects; from an expansion of existing standard products to a stand-alone software solution. There will be no grey areas: Gyanhton takes care of choosing the appropriate technologies leading to the most effective solution.

Why opt for the creation of a tailor-made software with Gyanhton?

IT development companies create standardised software to meet as many criteria as possible – A one size fits all approach. This implies that many useful functions to particular users may not be accessed or be not fit for purpose. This wastes a lot of resources and money and can also be frustrating and even counterproductive. When the activity or processes of the development company you choose are particularly original and focused on your specification and needs, specific development is precisely there to provide a complete and scalable response.

This is why it is important for you to realize that customized software can transform your business processes by allowing you to do things the way YOU WANT TO DO THEM. In addition to meeting your needs, this would give you a definite competitive advantage. Thus, opting for a custom software project would allow us to offer you relevant solutions to ensure continuous operation.

How Gyanhton go about it?

In order to define your needs, we advise you to draw up a set of specifications specifying all of the company’s issues and the objectives to which the development of your business software must respond. Of course, we can help you in the writing of your specifications, we can also organise brainstorming sessions to help you define your problems more clearly.

After full analysis of your request, you will be allocated a project manager who will be your point of contact and who will plan, design, execute, monitor, control  direct  your project towards the best choices to guarantee its success. Your only mission will be to imagine the perfect software, which does exactly and simply what you need and according to your specific needs and our team will make sure to create YOUR software in order to obtain a result in accordance with your expectations.

Finally, be aware that the advantage of a tailor-made software is that it is evolutive, even if your long-term needs are not completely defined. You will be able to make your tool evolve, by adding new functionalities, which you will not necessarily have thought of from the beginning.

To conclude

We fully understand that the idea of creating custom computer software may seem intimidating or even frightening at first. But, be confident Gyanhton has the experience and track record to ensure the success of your project by focusing on the best value for your business, there’s no need to worry. We also invite you to consult our article “Our Unique Approach To Software Development” that deal with our methodology IT development in order to learn more and to shed light on possible grey areas that could hinder you until then.